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ProMex Group - Charitable MicroCredit for the Mexican Border


ProMex Group is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit that raises funds for EnComun and Cimarron micro-finance operating in Sonora, Mexico.

ProMex Group (through it’s partners EnComun and Cimarron) strives to alleviate poverty and economically forced migration by providing disadvantaged Mexicans with access to capital and education to grow businesses in northern border cities of Mexico.

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Small loans, savings, business and health education are provided to enable people to grow sustainable businesses and improve the lives of participants, their families and communities.

ProMex Group’s partner in Mexico (EnComun) is a sustainable organization – the relatively low interest that is charged on the loans covers the operating costs.  So a $200 contribution to ProMex Group will help three individuals per year indefinitely.

ProMex Group charitable micro credit MexicoIf you support economic development along the Mexican border, consider supporting ProMex Group.  You can:

- donate to the project,
- lend to ProMex Group,
- donate items that could help small businesses,
- allow us to speak to your group,
- visit the projects in Mexico,
- buy client products and/or
- volunteer.
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