Adjustable Eyeglass Project

Another way ProMex Group is helping along the Mexican border is through the distribution of adjustable glasses.

Poor vision in the developing world is an education problem, and economic problem, a safety and quality of life problem.

  • 1 yr with eyeglasses is equivalent to 1/3 to 1/2 yr of extra schooling
  • Glasses can increase productivity by about 35%
  • The global cost of poor vision is about $3 trillion/yr

One of the biggest challenges in getting eyeglasses to developing populations is the system of delivery. Currently, special equipment and trained professionals are needed to match glasses with patients. There are four problems with this:

  1. There are not enough optometrists in the developing world (especially in rural communities).
  • In the US there is 1 optometrists for every 12k people
  • In Mexico that ratio is 1 to 34k
  • In Guatemala: 1 to 93k
  • Parts of Sub-Saharan Africa: 1: 1 million

In the developing world, optometrists are concentrated in cities leaving rural areas undeserved.

  • The cost for optometrist and glasses can be a problem for people making one a few dollars/day
  • Awareness – many people (especially kids) do not know they have a vision problem until they are tested – without testing problems can go undetected for years.
  • Accuracy can be a problem if adequate equipment is not available and as prescriptions change if there is not regular testing.

One solution is providing adjustable eyeglasses to allow people to create their own prescription.  ProMex Group is helping in rural communities in Northern Mexico by providing adjustable eyeglasses.

Please consider a tax deductable donation to support this sustainable project.

Adlens Adjustables Eyeglasses Focus Specs Adjustable Reading Glasses (+0.5 to +4.5) Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses

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