ProMex Group’s goal is to support charitable projects in Mexico to improve low income communities.

ProMex Group supports:

Children's Charities

Solar Projects


We support two centers for children operated by DIF

Tin Otoch is a center for children from Central America who are returning to their country.  They are in the center for approximately 15 days while being processed.

Unacari is a center for children removed from their families because of domestic violence.

Solar Projects: to address climate change and improve lives in Mexico by bringing alternative energy to communities in need.

We raise money to put solar panels in low income communities in Mexico, that do not have reliable energy. As the communities pay us back, we reinvest the money into more solar projects in communities across the Mexico. This creates a sustainable revolving fund for solar energy organization.

Charitable Micro-Finance Projects in the Mexican border.

Groups are formed of 10-15 people. Everyone gets and individual loan only backed by the group. Everyone needs to pay for the group to received loans in the future.

The interest from the loans covers the operation so it is a sustainable project.