Gifts for Donations

As a thank you for your tax deductible donations of $50 or more, you can pick up a cake from (please contact ProMex Group to make your order).  If you are not interested in having a cake, ProMex Group will take your cake to an orphanage for girls in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico – and send you a picture of the children enjoying your gift.

The cakes are 10¨ diameter by 4¨deep in ring cake shape (about 15 generous servings). You can choose from:
Cheese Cake Pound Cake, and
Amaretto Pound Cake.

For contributions of $100 or more, CakesTucson will prepare a 10″ diameter filled buttercream cake (about 20 servings).
The cake can be: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.
The pudding filling can be: white chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, or cream cheese.
The frosting can be: chocolate, vanilla or berry.

Please contact ProMex Group to place your order – and give them at least a week before you want to pick up your cake. is a custom cake shop located at 3361 N Forgeus Ave, Tucson, AZ.  They have offered to donate as many cakes as we have donors who want cakes or want to give them to an orphanage for girls in Nogales, Mexico.  Thank you CakesTucson.

Please visit our support page for ways to donate.  You can use paypal or send a check.  Please let us know what cake(s) you want with your donation.  Donations help support borrowers who make the gifts; provide shoes, hats and bags for migrants; and help grow the microfinance project in Mexico.

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