Soledad Jiménez is been a member of a borrowing group for 3 years.  She is from Sinaloa but has lived in Nogales, Sonora for 19 years.  She used to buy clothing and small appliances at large stores in the US and sell them at a swap meet in Nogales that is open Saturday and Sunday.

She is recovering from cancer and for the past two months has been unable to maintain her business as the swap meet.  She recently began buying products from large grocery stores in Nogales and selling them to neighbors from her home.  It allows her the ability to stay home to recover and earn an income.

Soledad currently borrows US$800 each 4 month cycle to get inventory for her home convenience store.  She sells mostly to neighbors – kids and adults.  She sells snacks, drinks, and school supplies.  Her daughter lives next door and helps her get her products from the store.

Loans from the microfinance organization supported by ProMex Group allows her the ability to work from home and pay for her cancer treatment.

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Soledad Jiménez

If you support creating economic opportunities along the Mexican border (in Mexico), consider supporting ProMex Group (charitable microfinance for the Mexican border).  You can Donate, Lend, Donate items, Buy client products, allow us to Speak and Visit the project.  Please contact us for more information.

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