Señor & Señora Rodriguez are in the food preparation business.  They have three children.  This business is their entire income.

They borrowed 2,200 pesos (US$180) and that allowed them to buy additional food items, such as: oil, flour, and supplies.

The interest rate was not too much.  They make a 328 peso payment (US$27)  every 14 days.  The loan duration is a total of four month. She learned about EnComun (a charitable micro-finance organization supported by ProMex Group) from a friend.

They rent a space Monday – Saturday where they need to set up and take down every day.

She prepares the food at home in mornings and he sets up the booth.  They serve food  from 3- 10 PM.

They have one set of pots, pans, dishes and utensils and  one stove so they move and clean everything twice a day.

They do not have money yet for a visa to be able to cross the border and shop in the US.  They have to buy all ingredients locally which is more expensive than in the US (for example fresh whole milk costs $5 gallon in Nogales).  They buy wholesale when possible.

They hope to get larger loans soon so they can offer different types of food and have a better booth set up for their customers.

economic development growth business

If you support creating economic opportunities along the Mexican border (in Mexico), consider supporting ProMex Group (charitable microfinance for the Mexican border).  You can Donate, Lend, Donate items (especially computers), allow us to Speak and Visit the project.  Please contact us for more information.

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