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ProMex Group is raising funds to help start a melon farmer cooperative near Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The goal is to provide employment for migrants who are deported to northern Mexico and to provide an opportunity for farm workers who are currently paid subsistence wage (less then $12/day) for very hard work.

This project is consistent with ProMex Groups mission to support opportunities in northern Mexico as an alternative to economically forced migration.

One of the least expensive entries into farming is to rent land (and more important water rights) and grow melon (and other fast growing fruit and vegetables).  There are two growing seasons each year.  Equipment, expertise and costs are relatively low.

The project consists of ProMex Group (through it’s partners in Mexico) lending a group of workers capital to start farming.  Training and logistical support will be provided by ProMex Group.

Payments on the loan will not be received until after each harvest season.  We expect that within 5 years the loan will be repaid.  The guarantee for this loan will be the harvest and purchased equipment.

The cooperative (made up of the workers) will be the independent owner of the project.  Our goal is to raise enough to be able to farm 10 acres and support at least 50 families.  When the loan is repaid, we will use the same funds to start another coop.

Please consider supporting this project. Donate today.

If you have any questions about this or any other ProMex Group project, please contact us: 520-977-8537 or info@promexgroup.org

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